cdl schools

Trucking Schools in Louisiana:
* Coastal College
* Diesel Driving Academy
* Louisiana Tech
* Thomas Truck School
* Lake Charles Driver Institute
* more...

Find CDL training in and around the following cities in Louisiana:
New Orleans
Baton Rouge
Lake Charles
Bossier City
* more...

Certified CDL Training and its affiliates deal with state licensed truck driver training facilities in all of the lower 48 states including Louisiana. Many schools have a variety of different programs available for student truck drivers. Finding the proper CDL training is the first step in starting a new career as a professional truck driver. Completing our Louisiana truck driver training application above will be your first step in achieving success while starting a new career in the transportation industry.

State Licensed Louisiana CDL Schools

We are now accepting truck driving school applicants with good driving records for CDL training in Louisiana. Certified CDL Training applicants that are qualified are placed with trucking schools that are licensed by the state to operate and teach students in the state of Louisiana as well as having some type of a job placement assistance program for the respective area that they are licensed to do business.

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