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Different Types of CDL Training Schools

Certified CDL Training works with a variety of different types of truck driving schools with multiple training options. Continue reading to find out more about the different types of available training programs.

Company Sponsored CDL Training

Trucking companies that do not have their own truck driving schools use these types of programs to hire new drivers and it is generally refered to as called Company Sponsored CDL Training. After a student signs a contract, the trucking company makes an agreement to reimburse a truck driving school for the cost of the CDL training when that school has you delivered the student to them from the truck driving school trained and ready to work. The standard one year agreement to work for that company applies here to pay off the cost of the training. Students must pass the training or they could be responsible for the cost of the training.

Community College Schools

A community college can be a good option for anyone with money to spend and the time to spend in school for awhile. Again, students need to make sure there are several trucking companies that hire from the community college that you attend and that they are looking for drivers. These programs are much longer than the other types of CDL training mentioned and most community colleges have some type of job placement assistance service.

Company Truck Driving School

Company truck driving schools can be a good option for students who have little or no money. In exchange for a twelve to twenty four month commitment to work for the carrier the trucking company will fund the cost of training for you at their company school facility. After training you will work for that company until you fulfill all the terms of this contract. If you do not pass the company training program you may be responsible for the training you did complete. Always read everything in a contract.

Private Trucking Schools

A private CDL training school can be a great option for someone who the money to spend up front for their CDL training. If a student does not have thousands of dollars to spend, but has good credit and can borrow the money, this can be a good option. Privately owned trucking schools are in the business of training students to get their CDL so the chances of a student passing this kind of training are probably higher.

Students will have no obligation to work for a trucking company for a year with this type of training unless they attend one via company sponsored training. Many trucking companies will offer new drivers that paid for their own training what is called tuition reimbursement. Sign a contract to work for a period of time and they will pay the student back for the cost of the training over a period of time.

Certified CDL Training works with trucking schools and trucking companies that offer all of these various types of training. Fill out our CDL training application to find out what programs are available in your area today.

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